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SiteOptimus helps you understand and confidently improve your customer experiences

Site Optimus is a new website analytics tool for your Google Analytics data

Site Optimus is a new tool designed to help you get maximum value from your Google Analytics data. Our secure system automatically analyzes data and creates new insights that help you improve your website. If you are interested in learning more, please provide your email address and we will keep you updated.

Shared Success

It is no wonder that people love Site Optimus. We provide you not only with actionable insights within minutes of you signing up but also help you track success over time.

Continuous Improvement

Site Optimus was developed to help you continuously improve your customer experiences. The more you use it, the better our machine learning algorithms perform for you.

Like a Team of Data Scientists

Having access to Site Optimus is like having a team of data scientists who constantly monitor your customer interactions and uncover the next big opportunities for you.

High Impact Data Science

Our algorithms get right to the problem areas using the same logic that have gained literally 100s of millions of dollars in incremental profits for Fortune 100 and global enterprises. Our data scientists have experience analyzing customer interactions and feedback for all major industries. 

Big Time Results

We present actionable insights ranked by impact so you can identify the biggest customer pain points. No more wondering what you might be missing.

Tuned for Speed

Our algorithms are tuned to synthesize and refine large amounts of customer interaction and feedback data, process them in parallel so that we can get results to you quickly.

Optimal Insight

We have Optimus in our name for good reason. We uncover the most help needed areas so you can be confident when acting on our insights.

Improve Your Customer Journeys

Our algorithms work across your customer journeys whether you are trying to optimize sales, leads, customer satisfaction…or all of the above…or any other outcome for that matter

Your Data is Secure

We are serious about security and use the latest SSL data encryption (the same as online banks).

Proactive Analysis

Site Optimus sheds light on opportunities that you may not even know you had. The engine focuses on areas of your customer experience that are likely problematic and need your team’s attention.

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Get insights into your customer experiences in minutes after you sign up.

Within minutes after signing up, the Site Optimus analyzes your data and delivers insights that shed light on key opportunities. Our algorithms are specifically tuned to find the largest obstacles that prevent customers’ from accomplishing their goals. You can use the resulting insights to improve your website that ultimately leads to better outcomes for your business.