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How Site Optimus Works

Every time a customer views a page on your website, you capture data that provides “clues” into their interests and problems they are facing. Site Optimus helps you understand these clues to inform you where to focus your efforts.

A Brief About How Site Optimus Algorithms Work

Our algorithms were developed by some of the best digital analytics professionals on the planet. They were built to automatically synthesize and analyze data from different sources, model the data, and then present actionable insights and recommendations for you.

Example – Page Load Times

Let’s take an example of how we analyze page load times. First we load all page interactions, each interaction load times, and conversion data from Google Analytics. We then associate the visitor conversions and measure performance across the page load times and apply these metrics for each and every page across your website. We perform a statistical analysis that measures the relationship between page load time and conversions. We then sort the newly refined data so that the the pages with the largest opportunities rise to the top. Finally we present these insights and recommendations to you so that you can focus on the areas that will give you the biggest bang for your time.

How to Get Started

These algorithms are available as part of our free trial offer. You can get the results immediately after signing up.

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