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Time series analysis of customer interaction data


Time series analysis can be used to understand customer interaction trends for your website experiences, and can be used to predicting future success. Site Optimus helps you quickly understand when your customers visit by day, week, month, quarter, and even years. You can also leverage Site Optimus visualizations to identify opportunities to improve goal conversions by maximizing traffic volumes and likelihood to convert for your prospects and customers based on the timing of their engagements.


The visitors to your website likely exhibit different behaviors depending upon the date and time they are visiting. It is crucial to understand the timing of your customers and prospects, and when it may be optimal to reach them.

Site Optimus can help you quickly determine where opportunities exist based on the timing of your visitors. We will analyze your data for all your visitors and show you the biggest opportunities for improvement.

You can then use these insights to determine when the optimal time to reach your customer, and track success after you have made the changes.

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